Thursday, 11 October 2012

Your Own Research Page Guidelines

This is an A2 page where you start to identify an area.

What do I need to research?

After completing the first few pages of your research you should now have a clear idea where your research is heading. You may have come across an area that you think needs further research or a problem that needs extra investigation. This is a page that you will decide on the content.

Your page must:

·         Fit in with the rest of your research.

·         Be referred to when you are designing and developing your final product.

·         Identify another need or area of interest within your project.

Some ideas that you could use:

·         A designer who has specialised in the area your situation is based on.

·         A continuation from your “Identifying a Need” page. Maybe you need to research measurements or the area you are designing for.

·         A manufacturing technique that is unusual or specific to your project. YOU SHOULD NOT RESEARCH MATERIALS AS THIS WILL BE MARKED LATER ON IN THE COURSEWORK.

·         Sustainability or environmental issues regarding products relating to your project.

·         Another area of your choice.

This page should be full of information (not just copied from the internet). You will also need an introduction to the page saying how the page is relevant to your project and research. Once you have written up the sheet (use diagrams also), you will need to write a conclusion to explain how you will use the information to help you to develop and produce a successful final product.


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