Friday, 5 October 2012

Identifying a Need Sheet Guidelines.

As/A Level Product Design   

Identifying a Need Sheet Guidelines.
This is an A2 page where you start to identify the need for your product.

What is a need?

We all require food and shelter at the basic level, but after that we want different things because we all have different life styles. People use manufactured products so that they can do things. As people get older they want different things. It is the role of the Designer to find out what people want and produce solutions to their problems.

People complain that the product they have just purchased does not do what they wanted it to do. The need of the consumer is not being met by the product. This is the starting point of many "new" designs. Manufacturers spend fortunes asking customers about their own and competitors’ products to see if they can alter an existing product by adding new features to boost flagging sales.

NEED = What the consumer wants. This need may be real or it may be dreamt up by marketing department.

On this page you will need to take real photographs and visit the place where your product will be used. You should take photographs of:

·         The current location. You may need to visit the place where your product will be used or situated.

·         The current product and the problems

·         Items that will relate to your design and what you are looking at

·         Anything else that is relevant to your situation

Once you have the photographs you need to choose the relevant ones. These will be the photos that help to explain the problem or need for your situation. The information you need on this page is:

·         Label the photos and explain what you are looking at in each photo.

·         You could also describe how the current product is used.

·         What are the problems with things such as cleaning, storage, use etc.

You could also get the views of the person/s that use the current product in the situation you are looking at, but remember this will be more detailed on your Target Audience Page.

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